Interactive Multi-sensory System for Digital Art Jamming

As social distancing is becoming the new normal, technology holds the potential to bridge this societal gap through novel interaction modalities that allow multiple users to collaborate and create content together. We present Jammify, an interactive multi-sensory system that focuses on providing a unique digital art-jamming experience with a visual display and a wearable arm-sleeve. The ‘jamming-canvas’ visual display is a two-sided LED light wall (2 m × 6 m) where users can draw free-hand gestures on either side and switch between two view modes: own-view and shared-view. The arm-sleeve uses shape-memoryalloy integrated fabric to sense and re-create a subtle and natural touch sensation on each other’s hands. We describe the details of the design and interaction possibilities based on the diverse combinations of both input and output modalities of the system, as well as findings from a user study with ten participants.

Paper link here.