navigating 360-degree-video environments in VR using head rotation and eye gaze

Viewing 360-degree-images and videos through head-mounted displays (HMDs) currently lacks a compelling interface to transition between them. We propose GazeSphere; a navigation system that provides a seamless transition between 360-degree-video environment locations through the use of orbit-like motion, via head rotation and eye gaze tracking. The significance of this approach is threefold: 1) It allows navigation and transition through spatially continuous 360-video environments, 2) It leverages the human’s proprioceptive sense of rotation for locomotion that is intuitive and negates motion sickness, and 3) it uses eye tracking for a completely seamless, hands-free, and unobtrusive interaction. The proposed method uses an orbital motion technique for navigation in virtual space, which we demonstrate in applications such as navigation and interaction in computer aided design (CAD), data visualization, as a game mechanic, and for virtual tours.

Paper link here.