Using arm swings for accessible and immersive navigation in ar/vr spaces

Navigating in a natural way in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) spaces is a large challenge. To this end, we present ArmSwingVR, a locomotion solution for AR/VR spaces that preserves immersion, while being low profile compared to current solutions, particularly walking-in-place (WIP) methods. The user simply needs to swing their arms naturally to navigate in the direction where the arms are swung, without any feet or head movement. The benefits of ArmSwingVR are that arm swinging feels natural for bipedal organisms second only to leg movement, no additional peripherals or sensors are required, it is less obtrusive to swing our arms as opposed to WIP methods, and requires less energy allowing prolong uses for AR/VR. A conducted user study found that our method does not sacrifice immersion while also being more low profile and less energy consumption compared to WIP.

Paper link here.