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VR-based Journaling for Improved Cognitive Self-Regulation

Journaling is a well-known evidence-based strategy for practicing better self-regulation and self-awareness in daily life. It is also an effective way for reducing the effects of negative emotions like anxiety and depression. We explore the combination of virtual reality (VR) and a body-tracking mirror as a cognitive activity in the form of VR journaling. VR-based journaling aims to build cognitive reappraisal, self-reflection, and autonomic emotion regulation in a sustainable way. The user performs in front of the mirror, using body-tracking to help them keep a daily journal. Considering that looking into the mirror is already a daily habit for most people, it does not require the users to form a new habit when trying to do journaling. Furthermore, it activates creativity by encouraging the user to use their body language as a story-telling tool.

Paper link here.